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Stone memorial
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「石の祈念堂」は宮城県石巻市の山腹に東日本震災による死者・行方不明者1万8千人に対し慰霊と祈念ができる場所として建造した。積層した玄昌石の数が被害者数を表しており、訪れた人々が被害にあわれた方一人一人に対して、そして東日本全域に対して個々に想いをめぐらすことのできる場所とした。 また石巻の特産である石と鏡面ステンレスからできた祈念堂自体が、被害の大きかった東北各地の方角と地域を指し示す形状となっており、この場所に立つと自然に甚大な被害のあった方角へ手を合わせ祈れるようにと考えた。また、ステンレスでつくられた説明板は、東日本大震災が発生した季節(春)になると周囲の桜を映し出す。 一人一人への、また東日本全域への祈念、そして大震災の事実と記憶を遠い後世に残すという想いを積層した石空間に託している。

March 11, 2011, The Great East Japan Earthquake has occurred. The earthquake, has resulted in extensive damage to a wide area of east area of Japan. "Stone memorial" was started it is located in the geographic center of the affected areas, want to create a place that can offer prayers to the all victims spread over a wide area. "Stone memorial", stands on a hillside in Ishinomaki, Miyagi, is built as a space where people pray for the nearly 18,000 people missing and died in Japan Earthquake. The number of laminated stones represent that of victims, and visitors can think of each of the victims as well as the entire east area of Japan. The shape of the pray space, which was made of locally-produced stone and mirrored stainless, indicates heavily affected areas so that visitors naturally stand and pray toward them. laminated stone space is also aimed to memorize the fact of this major disaster and go down to future generations. In addition, the explanation board made of mirrored stainless steel, reflects the periphery of the cherry tree when it comes to the season (spring) that The Great East Japan Earthquake has occurred, remember the lessons of the earthquake, expected to be a chance to regeneration the desire for reconstruction again I did.
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