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Firearc, Imperishable Fire Extinguisher
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In the event of an outbreak of fire, the availability of a fully operational fire extinguisher is crucial. However, due to the lack of maintenance and the limited lifespan of a pressurised fire extinguisher, there is a possibility that it might fail in times of need. With regards to fire safety, we should not take chances. Chancing upon the idea of using chemical reaction to inflate a lifejacket which is another object related to safety, the idea of using a simple twisting action and the creation of an instant chemical reaction such as bicarbonate salts and acid to produce a massive amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) can be incorporated to streamline the use of the fire extinguisher. As the substance used is stored separately in a non-pressurized form before use and only mixed when in need, the FIREARC extinguisher offers an expiry date far exceeding the conventional pressurized CO2 fire extinguishers.
序號 Series number / 10463

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