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Second Life
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災害發生後許多物資往災區裡遞送,物資紙箱到了災區後卻淪為雜物而堆積在一旁影響救災空間及動線,也導致環境髒亂。 Second life的凸型內表層結構可以減輕顛簸的運送路途中對物資造成的撞擊,提升物資到達災區後的完整度。凸型結構內還加入了種子,讓災民可以種植蔬菜,維持基本的健康飲食,同時種植過程中也將紙箱分解於土壤中,原先紙箱堆積的問題也得以解決,發揮紙箱的第二生命。

After the disaster, many supplies are being sent to the disaster area. The carton boxes become garbage without reuse and affects the rescue space and moving line. The result is dirty environment and troublesome reconstruction In the disaster area, what the residents need the most is fresh produce, many of which are rotted when arrived due to collision. We think from this perspective. The victims could use the carton boxes to plant edible vegetables without soil (they could dissemble the boxes and lay them on the land for continue planting after a period) to supplement the nutrition and help recovery the mood.
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