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2016 Taipei New Horizon (TNH Center)
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Plan b 受富邦集團所經營松菸文創園區的臺北文創大樓(Taipei New Horizon Building) 委託重新定位該園區。為釐清其目標以及與其他園區的差異性,因此定位「透過生活中的小差異,建立可識別台灣的身份」之宗旨,規劃出亦實亦虛的「臺北文創記憶中心」單位於空間內。2016 年首屆,建構為期 2 個月 pop-up(2016.1.15 - 3.14)的實體中心呈現於大樓前方廣場,以利打破大樓與民眾間的隔閡。暫時性的實體中心也是為呼應在全球化的時代下「記憶正在快速消逝」,於是更要找出「可識別我們的身份」。此外,建體與整區展品皆在展期結束時得全體回收,達到地球的永續發展。 展區共分為三部分,由「正體字博物館」貫穿整體,循技術發展的時間軸介紹文字發展脈絡,延續臺灣極具識別性文化之一的使命。「故事索引區」邀請 Shopping Design 合作,以「年曆」的展覽形式,呈現 100 個可識別台灣身份的故事,讓民眾自由組裝,從中找到認同進而發展出自己的故事。「計畫實驗室」則設置了四項常駐型裝置(互動式空氣書法機、民眾彈奏吉他、書寫「在台北生存的一百個理由」、輪播南藝大修復的舊新聞與紀錄片)以及邀請數十個各領域單位,在空間內舉行各類活動讓民眾參與其中。 在短短2個月,首屆記憶中心連結數十位資深與新秀文創工作者的交流,且激發逾百個單位之間的跨領域合作。吸引了十多萬海內外人次參觀,成功建立「屬於我們台灣的可識別身分」,在重塑【臺北文創】品牌定位之外,更成為具國際性之華人文化與創意基地。

Taipei New Horizon, a complex founded by Fubon Group in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park, entrusted Plan b to redefine its role and to flip its controversial perception from public. Clarifying TNH’s missions and niches from other C&C parks, Plan b proposed the project ”TNH Center”, through which TNH aimed to collect every single piece in life that constitutes our memories, to trace back and build up our cultural identity, and, eventually, to develop our "real" spirits in cultural and creative industries. Located at the Cultural Square of Taipei New Horizon, 2016 TNH Center was presented as a 60-day (15. Jan. - 14. Mar. 2016) pop-up campaign, echoing the belief that “memories are diminishing rapidly in modern times”. Materials of construction and exhibits in TNH Center were all recyclable to promote sustainable development for our future. TNH Center was constituted by Three axes: (1) “Traditional Chinese Character Museum”: The characters we use everyday are the most essential carrier of our individual and collective memories. Through traditional Chinese characters, Taiwanese could easily distinguish their own culture from others. (2) “Story Index”: cooperated with Shopping Design, Story Index unveiled 100 individuals and organizations that had enriched Taiwanese culture; in the form of calendar sheets, these stories, or ongoing memories, can be collected and assembled to be a 2016 calendar. (3) “Project Laboratory”: TO encourage visitors to create and discover their own memories on site, Project Laboratory had interactive installations of digital, design, media or art, such as “Air Calligraphy" by Merlin's Mustache Lab, “100 attractive reasons for living in Taipei”, documentaries about film repair, and a guitar open for public playing. Project Lab also held various events and activities in the concept of 5 senses with our partners. In just 60 days, 2016 TNH Center had attracted more than 100 thousand visitors, built bridges for different organizations in C&C industries, provided stages for younger creators, and erased the gap between public and C&C industries. Through collecting pieces of memories, TNH Center has successfully built up self-identification among Taiwanese, refreshing the public perception to TNH from “just a shopping mall” to “a real basecamp for cultural and creative industries”.
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