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Noduel Island Culture Complex
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ALLEYS WITH SMALL HOUSES Commercials and offices are located on up and below the roof to offer an environment similar to the alleys with small houses. Inside a big building complex, it is hard to have cozy and intimate feels. As an extension of Seoul’s urban environment, small houses located freely to enhance the quality of spaces and experiences. INHABITABLE BRIDGE Neighborhood created on the top of the roof continues to the other side of the island. Area over the road naturally becomes inhabitable bridge similar to Ponte Vecchio in Florence. Drivers of cars running on the road acknowledge it and get interests to visit Nodeul island. Visitors on the bridge can enjoy unique scenery over the road and river. GREEN LINKAGE Existing green surface on the island was disconnected by the road. Connecting these green surface with the bridge can enhance the quality of landscape and ecological environment. Green linkage of the bridge offers animal’s passage across the island. GRAND STAIRS Grand stairs has been used many times in history to create public urban space. They are used to gather people and offer an environment to take rest and communicate with other people. Grand stairs are designed on the west side, at the center and east side also with ramp next to it to connect every corner of the site. Visitors can enjoy nature, gathering, encountering with people on this grand stair carpet. PLATFORM OVER THE NATURE One of the decent way of meeting pristine nature with artificial structure is upheaving structure over the nature. Roof design on the east side of the site where pristine forest is located is designed as a deep cantilevered platform to flow over the nature and to offer a wonderful chance of enjoying the whole natural scenery of the forest and birds’ singing.
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