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Multifunctional travel bag
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Traveling bag – backpack with included hood, with 5 chambers and removable parts. After the removing process, the removable part may be placed in front parts of the torso, and mounted on elastic gums with use of inluded bur-tapes, and carrier tapes. The length of tapes is designed to fit people sized 5 to 95 centils. Moreover, the abdomen chamber, if mounted in the carrier as a part of seat. After such transformations the packpack can be a great use for refugees during their exodus, with options of carrying wounded/weakened/ill persons od little children, while the rest of chambers may be packed with stuff needed, e.g. tent, sleeping bag clothes, food. After demontage process, the backpack can function as orthopedic corset, medical kit, or civilian-type camouflage bullet-proof VEST – the construction includes specially designed pockets for ballistic plates. This last function serves in case of terrorist attack, or warfare. Waterproof materials, utilized in process of backpack's production, guarantee protection from atmospheric changes, and humidity on user's back. In course of project's development, the bag can also obtain functions of life jacket. Diploma 2016, Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Lodz, Poland, Main fiels: Design, supervisor dr hab. Marek Średniawa
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