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House in Kawanabe
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The house stands in the countryside in Takamatsu, Kagawa ,Japan. It has spread a lot of rice paddies in the peripheral. This house is a good peripheral environment has been taken well. Japanese house from the old days has been well take advantage of the surrounding environment. In other words, it can also be regarded as the inside and outside are connected to the ambiguous. I think that communication had been taken well by being ambiguous space. I tried to reproduce it in the contemporary in this house. It has established a number of openings in order to obscure the inside and outside of the boundary. It is also a house where you can feel the nature without leaving the room. You can enjoy the green from the various openings. In addition it also planting is applied to the interior. And has opened the window butterflies and dragonflies might come wander the room. Sometimes, Bird might also hit the glass flew on him a tree in the room. You may come without even neighbors from anywhere because there is no fence to the site boundary. It has become as can be seen may be of course no matter where the family. This house is also in the communication is easy to take home as in the Japanese house from the old days. Nostalgic new Japanese house was completed.
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