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作品记录了一项综合艺术实验计划,既具有戏剧的专业学术高度,又有赏心悦目的阅读享受。 《夜奔》记录了导演荣念曾与昆剧演员柯军打造的经典实验剧,收纳剧本文稿、导演手记、演出剧照,戏剧界人士评论等。 封面以白色手工纸包裹,拟态雪地场景。全书文字按照一桌二椅网格化排布,即中文横向,英文纵向。开篇以《宝剑记》工尺谱细说来由,以纸卷形式增添气氛,传统部分 林冲形象与工尺谱在纸面上奔走,工尺谱上,演员批注手记与雪地相互缠斗,最终工尺谱落下。中英文评论部分以一桌二椅的排布游走页面。过渡至现代部分,仍依据一桌二椅模块化排布剧照,每页不同位置,衔接纸面与舞台空间,讲述传统与现代夜奔之间的逻辑变化。导演手记将排练影像融于M折中,展现雪落无痕,真相彰显。全书正文包含五种纸张,视频CD利用书页空隙隐于其间。 《朱鹮记》专访了参与计划的各国艺术大师,扫描当下青年昆曲艺术家的生存状态,收录艺评人士的精彩评论。采用在中国传统用色“朱”色,即为庄严的“正色”,暗投从亚洲出发,向世界辐射的“朱鹮计划”。拉页则记载了计划从开传起的大事记,气势磅礴符合东方意趣。

【One Table Two Chairs】 It recorded a comprehensive test plan of art, not only contains professional and academic theater of height, but also has the pleased feeling of reading and enjoying. 【Flee by night】recorded a classic experiment drama created by director Nianzeng Rong and Kun Opera actor Jun Ke, which incorporated screenplay manuscripts, director's notes, show stills, reviews of other theater people. Covered with white handmade paper wrapping, imitated snow scene. The book’s typesetting with gridded arrangement, which are horizontal Chinese and vertical English. It begins with "Sword" Gongche spectrum as reason, use roll form to add atmosphere. In traditional part, images of Lin and Gongche spectrum running on papers. In Gongche spectrum, actor annotation notes wrangle with snow mutual and Gongche spectrum eventually fell. English and Chinese comments section on pages with gridded arrangement. The transition to the modern part, is still based on a modular arrangement stills, each page with a different location, linked paper and stage space, told about the logic changes of traditional “Flee by night” and the modern one. Director's notes made images of rehearse went into the M papers, showing snow with no trace , highlighting the truth. The book includes five different kinds of papers, and hides CDs in the pages. 《Story of the Toki Project》interviewed with the artists from a lot of States who participated the plan, scanned the current living conditions of young opera artists, and collected wonderful comments of art critic persons. It used Chinese traditional color "orange", which is solemn as "Stern color", meaning it is " the Toki Project plan" which from Asia, and will go to world . The full page recorded the plan from opening, the legendary memorabilia, which has oriental charm with Magnificent.
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