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Lightscape Lighthouse
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Even today when global positioning systems seem to diminish the role of lighthouses, these structures are still inalienable parts of the coastal landscape, despite the fact that they usually seem to present a certain indifference to their direct context. The proposed design is based on the idea that the lighthouse is an architectural archetype, defined by crossing two distant scales: the territory and the building. Thus, in order to investigate a new typology of the lighthouse, it is necessary to question the architectural object born from the clash of these two domains. This can be achieved by introducing the intermediate scale, relating to the direct, physical and social context of the building. To introduce the intermediate scale, the lighthouse is “dispersed” on the slope and the relationship between the physical context and the project is established through the distance between the vertical elements. Consequently the structural density becomes a reading instrument for the topographic complexity of the site. To maintain stability, the pillars are systematically interconnected with horizontal panels that light up during the night, creating a dense, chaotic “lightscape” that evokes the image of a city by night. This way, unlike the traditional lighthouse, a harmony between light and structure is established making them inseparable. Finally, since all of these horizontal panels have integrated photovoltaic cells, the “lightscape” becomes a seamlessly integrated, completely sustainable, layer of the landscape. Between the pillars, there is a suspended, wheelchair-accessible, footbridge, drawn as extensions of existing trails, offering a new perspective on the landscape. It transforms the old introverted lighthouse concept into a public space that democratizes its experience. Thanks to this air walkway, the general transparency and structural lightness, the design borrows from the lighthouse-archetype its ability to creating a bond between people and the realms of the sea, land and sky.
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