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Shadescape Wellness Garden
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Situated among the sand dunes, the the proposed design floats freely above the natural site enriching the access from the cancer treatment center to the beach and defining an enjoyable pictorial Wellness Garden. The structure doesn’t enclose or divide the unspoilt scenery, but it requalifies the space through a variety of shadow densities, which change depending on the underlying landscape. Hence, it becomes a reading instrument for the vegetal and topographic diversity of the site. The shadow density affects also the comfort and the time the patients spend in this garden, generating places for various, stress relieving activities in harmony with the existing scenery. Thus, the Wellness Garden is an open portion of the landscape, made habitable through the interplay of shadows, where patients benefit from the relaxing and therapeutic quality of pristine nature. They enjoy the warmth and softness of the sand or contemplate their surroundings, while being protected by the pleated surfaces of shadows, a real shadescape, a sensitive interface between a man and nature. The innovative expression of this shadescape emerges from the physical qualities of its material: the fibre-glass fabric. Thanks to its elasticity and resistance a great variety of shadows and an elegant, flowing shape is achieved by simply turning the membranes around their axes. The inherent lightness and durability of Sunbrella fabric translates the tension between fragility and persistence of sand dunes, which allows the structure to express the essence of sublime beauty of this landscape. Finally, the perception of shadescape changes also with the viewers’ position, passing from a dense cloud into a lightweight structure recalling wild reeds, typical for the beach scenery. Even from the cancer treatment center's windows, the structure appears as a soft dune field blending smoothly with the sea.
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