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See the Unseen 存在不存在
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為本地藝術家張煒詩的作品書目設計,書目名為 《存在不存在》。張煒詩的創作以陶瓷和玻璃為主,近年作品藉著陶瓷、玻璃和不同物料及其特性探討「平衡」和「關係」。她認為平衡關係的意義涵蓋物理、哲學及精神性,值得細味和反思。平衡是關於關係和改變,作品所創造的微妙關係及轉化過程帶來力量,新的關係影響深遠。她希望觀眾可感受作品當中的開闊張力、和諧與對比、相同與不同、理性與感性,也引領個人創造出更美好的未來故事。

“See the Unseen” is an art catalog we designed for local artist Rachel Cheung. Ceramics and glass are the two major mediums employed by Rachel in her creative process. Through the interplay between different materials, Rachel focuses on the exploration of “equilibrium” and “relationship” in her recent works. She believes that the state of equilibrium among relationships can be interpreted from various perspectives, including physical, philosophical and spiritual ones. Equilibrium is also in close connection with changes among relationships. Changes give rise to subtle transformation, different forms of energy, and the formation of new relationships, which then lead to other prominent impacts. Rachel hopes that viewers of her works can sense the tension, the harmony, the contrast, the similarity and the difference in her works, and from which there spring endless possibilities.
序號 Series number / 13345

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