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Urben Revivo Art Mall - Chengdu / Designed by Ann Yu
127 票 VOTE
本案位於中國成都,由設計師余霖主筆設計。 多元化的品牌商業空間。 需要表達商業的“未知感”以及進行傳統商業功能的釋放 通過“解構”“碎片化”“節奏”等抽象的設計方案來打破一個具體商業空間給予人們的固化通感。“是什麼?賣什麼?怎麼樣”事實上,我希望人們在此獲得更寶貴的“未知”。購買一場音樂會,藝術展,一次產品發佈或者是日常某物。 在所有的商業語境中,磅礴抽象的“未知”充滿各種可能性。

This shop is located in Chengdu China, designed by Ann Yu. Diversified brand of commercial space. Designer wants to express the business sense of "unknown" and releases the traditional business function. She fluently used the abstract design such as "deconstruction" " fragmentation" and "rhythm", to break the solidification synaesthesia of business space. "What is it? What are they exactly selling? How to do it?" She wants people to wonder and start thinking form the unknown. It could be a concert, an art exhibition, a product conference or an ordinary item. In all business context, the abstract "unknown" is full of possibilities.
序號 Series number / 13566

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