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Bürchen Square
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La plaza pública de Bürchen (758 habitantes) es el fruto social de un concurso internacional de mucha mayor envergadura. Bürchen vivía de algo que ha sido prohibido: la construcción de segundas residencias. El proyecto aprovecha esta crisis como una oportunidad, logrando su reactivación económica y la del antiguo aserradero local al dar a la madera un papel protagonista y crear mobiliario urbano sostenible y exportable a otros lugares. Es un espacio multiusos con bancos que funcionan como anfiteatro y luces que traen un ahorro energético al encenderse al interactuar con las personas.

The lack of economic activity and unemployment are the main reasons when leaving a town. Bürchen, a village of 750 inhabitants in the Swiss Alps, lived off of something that was forbidden: the construction of second homes. It decided to seek a strategy for its and the old local saw mill’s economic recovery in serious crisis, thus creating jobs and not disappearing. The project takes this crisis as an opportunity, giving the wood a leading role. Benches become a showcase for the technical possibilities of wood, reinterpreting the traditional geometries and sculptural qualities of wood to create a new type of sustainable urban furniture, extrapolated to other places. The small square is conceived as a multipurpose space, with benches that serve as an amphitheater, design on which the entire town collectively participated, got involved and voted in favor. The strenuous topography of the area is reflected in the geometry of each bench by stacking up various existing pieces of wood at the sawmill,an initial requirement. The lighting suggests an energy saving, interacting with people and providing the strictly necessary illumination at all times. The challenge goes on, as the next phase seeks to create a small invisible hotel, as a subtle inhabited forest that merges with the genius loci of Bürchen, taking the current landscape as an essential guide.
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