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傳承老師傅古法精神,將壓制提鍊後的茶油與茶苷以不同比例調合,發展出以人為本『油、髮、家、身、禮』五大紙本系列。封面延續茶籽堂禮盒系列的剪紙風格,特別選用復古手感紙張搭配不對稱設計,完整呈現自然的生活智慧與常民的工藝巧思。 以茶籽身處的土地為影像採集計畫並加入濃厚的藝文色彩,強調深植於土地中的在地感與生活感。從自身的感受到餽贈心意於他人,茶籽堂全面性的呵護,讓一切美好變得理所當然。

Inheriting the ancient philosophy of the master, tea oil and tea glycosides extracted from pressing the ingredents are mixed in different proportions to develop into a people-oriented paper series in "oil, hair, family, body, and gift." The cover extends the paper-cutting styles with special selection of vintage hand-felt paper incorporated and asymmetric design, which completely presents the natural wisdom in life and craft Ingenuity in civilians. The images of the land where tea seed is located are collected and added with strong artistic colors to emphasize the perception of locality and life for the land. Giving gifts to others from one's perception, Cha Tzu Tang offers a comprehensive pamper to turn all beauties as natural.
序號 Series number / 14209

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