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Transfrt-Fire emergency
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火災發生時經常造成電力中斷人們在漆黑的環境裡不易逃生!且一併而來的濃煙也造成人們嗆傷,這些因素都是造成火災重大傷亡的原因。Transfrt-Fire emergency內部裝設有-熱電溫差發電晶片,藉由火災的發生時的環境溫度與人體溫差產生電源,驅動警報設備與LED燈照明,後方橘色部分設有感溫自啟器,感應到體溫會自動供應氧氣供人們呼吸,藉此降低火災的傷亡機率。

Power outages often occur during fires, leaving people to escape in the dark. Thick smoke also often leads to inhalation injuries. These are all major reasons for severe injuries and casualties during a fire. Transfrt-Fire Emergency comes with a built-in thermoelectric power generating module. Using the temperature difference of the room, this device can generate power to activate an alarm and LED light. The orange part towards the back includes a temperature sensor, automatically providing oxygen for users when it senses body temperature nearby, effectively lowering casualty rate in a fire.
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