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傳統冰、熱敷袋在溫度使用上常會有因過冷或過熱的情況,導致患者燙傷或凍傷,且嚴重的腫脹需經由冷熱敷的交替使用才能減緩。患者時常會忽略正確敷用的時間,導致因敷用時間過短或過長而降低療效。加上外出時無法即時取得冰塊或熱水,增加使用的麻煩。 因此E-PACK取代傳統冰熱敷,利用致冷晶片技術切換冷熱敷,提供正確的敷用時間(根據醫學建議),帶給使用者正確且安全的冰熱敷體驗。

People need the right therapy for sport injury . Besides, people need ice and warm compressing to cure serious swelling. Most people would compress overtime and decrease the healing effect, because of ignoring the right time and the right temperature while using the traditional way for compress. It would be hard to find ice and hot water instantly while swelling. E-PACK can switch the ice and warm compress by changing the positive and negative charges of the thermoelectric cooling module, passing the temperature through the soft annealed copper wire. bringing users a right and safety compressing experience.
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