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疲勞駕駛引髮交通事故約佔交通事故40%。疲勞駕駛極易發生交通事故。開長途車或者沒休息好,就會導致司機在駕駛時容易犯困,而疲勞駕駛又是事故高發的壹個重要原因。 護心-安全帶上面裝有心率檢測儀和呼吸速率檢測儀。檢測儀上面的传感器可檢測到司机是否處於疲勞駕駛狀態。如果疲勞駕駛,安全帶將會給予警示,確保生命安全。 護心-安全帶上面裝有心率檢測儀,檢測儀上面的传感器可檢測到司机是否處於疲勞駕駛狀態。醫學測試發現,當司機疲勞駕駛時,心率會急速升高。當安全帶檢測到司機疲勞駕駛時,會及時髮齣報警信號,並建議其靠邊停車休息,保障您的生命與財產安全。它可以挽救不少的生命。 如果司機沒有對警報引起重視,繼續疲勞駕駛時,汽車將會採取強制措施,給予強制降速,如果司機在規定時間內還沒有停車休息,汽車將會把疲勞駕駛的信息發送至交通警察。

Fatigue driving accounts for about 40 percent of road accidents, which is very likely to cause the accidents. Drivers are prone to fall asleep on long car journeys or without good rests. Therefore, fatigue driving is a critical factor leading to high-frequency car accidents. Heart Guard Safety Belt has a heart rate monitor and a respiration rate tester. The sensor on the detector can measure whether the driver is in the state of fatigue driving. 1.Safety belt judge for whether the driver is in the state of fatigue driving by measure heart rate. If so, the safety belt gives warning signs to ensure the safety of life. 2.Heart Guard Safety Belt based system which could detect early onset of fatigue in drivers using heart rate variability (HRV) provided by the sensor on the heart rate monitor. Medical procedures have proved that driver’s heart rate goes up roughly when driving tired. When the safety belt detects the fatigue driving, it sends out warnings and suggests the driver to pull over and have a rest. This can guarantee people’s safety of lives and property. This design has significant implications for saving lives 3.What if the driver pays no attention to fatigue driving? The car will take enforcement action to slow down. The information of the drivers who don’t have a rest within the time allowed will be sent to the police right after.
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