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Parking Light
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像台北類似的大城市經常會受到停車場地不足的問題,在密度較高的商業地區裡,停車總是不少麻煩,雖然有豐富的商機價值,卻使用空間效率較低,就如有汽車和機車的增加,是停車空間效率的障礙物,雖然台北有嚴格的停車規範和法律,要解決停車問題是相當困難,更何況現在因市區空間不足都是限量的。Parking light是有效的提高車位不足的問題的解決方案。把Parking light以3-4個為間隔來隔開 設在停車場里。而它會收集已經已滿的車位和空餘的車位信息,然後最大限度的把所有剩下的車位重新佈置 最後利用光線在地面上畫出新的停車線。

Big cities such as Taipei face a lack of sufficient parking. Taipei city has been enthusiastic for providing parking space. Unfortunately, a commercial district within high-density, inner-urban contexts where car-based park-and-ride is unlikely to be an effective use of high-value space. Moreover, chaotic parking by both cars and motorcycles is still often a barrier for efficient parking space. Taipei city has a strict parking standards and parking management policies. However, there is diverse problem to manage on parking problems. Above all things, space have limited in downtown Taipei. Parking light is a solution to increase an efficiency of parking space. Parking light rises up at intervals of 3-4 meters on the parking lot. First, Parking light analysis parked cars and empty space. Second, it rearranges available parking section which is able to accommodate maximum parking. Then, it will draw a new parking line on the ground using laser light. Therefore, parking line is adaptable for the parking situation. For example, between 4.6 and 6 motorcycle spaces take the same area as a car space. To prevent space waste problem, Parking light set the parking line according to the size of automobiles. Moreover, there is no need to recolor line on the ground. And people can clearly distinguish parking line for bad weather.
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