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The plan to revitalize Cuenca historical center, Cuenca RED, is a long-term strategy affecting spaces and underutilized buildings. At a first stage of intervention, we redesign 6 underutilized public spaces, which have optimal conditions for an immediate action. The proposals give them a new identity and character, incorporating new uses and programs, thus multiplying the possibilities of social encounter. MUNICIPAL PARKING – Open-air library In the heart of the historical center, this municipal building has an inner courtyard used as a parking lot. The proposal transforms the space into a new infrastructure introducing a light wooden structure creating the conditions for social interaction, bringing environmental qualities, and reducing the presence of vehicles. It is conceived as an extension of the existing library, providing an outdoor reading space. A platform extends to create a multi-functional area for cultural events. TOULOP SQUARE - Social network This square works primarily as a transit space during the day becoming an insecure area at night. Our proposal introduces elements improving the sense of security, facilitating spontaneous social connections and promoting the relation with existing restaurants and shops. A lightweight structure works as an elevated leisure-ludic space, becoming an attractor for people of all ages to discover and enjoy, addressing one of the objectives of the project: bringing back the youngest generation to the center to reconnect them with their culture, history and heritage. CORILÉ PARK – Tree-House Regardless its natural qualities, it has been deprived for years becoming almost unknown. We designed the Tree-House, an open air environmental showroom, where sustainable features are displayed with an educational purpose. It allows different uses and ways to be discovered, which we believe will spark a regeneration process in the square getting broad attention and bringing new activities and users to this forgotten area of the city.
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